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Vending Solutions

If you can buy it, we can vend it.

Auto Procurement Solutions are widely understood to have significant positive impacts on productivity and cost reduction. The challenge is often identifying when a specific vending solution is right for you. Which products make sense for you to include? What volume on these products is reasonable to expect? Will the products be restocked on a schedule that meets the needs of your team?

At Groves we have more than 20 years of experience helping customers answer those questions based on their specific needs, not some cookie-cutter solution. With hundreds of industrial supply vending machines and software in service, our installation base is one of the largest in North America. On average, our customers save 20% on cost savings using our automated procurement solutions. Utilizing AutoCrib & Cribmaster equipment, we tailor our inventory management to fit your specific requirements.

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Robocrib VX1000

The most popular industrial vending machine for managing the secure issue and return of items. It accurately dispenses virtually any inventory item you have including very small, large, and delicate items you wouldn’t want dropped. It’s perfect for large numbers of SKUs and no individual repackaging is needed.

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