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Band Saw Service

Band Saw Services

We are a proud to partner with DoALL Sawing Products. In 1933, the first metal cutting band saw was founded, Leighton A. Wilkie, founder of DoALL Sawing, and since then DoALL Sawing Products has continued to be a leader in band sawing product innovations. DoALL Sawing Products is also the only U.S manufacturer to offer all the sawing elements, including sawing machines, blades, cutting fluids and material handling.

Band Saw Center & Showroom

Groves Industrial is leading the industry with our state-of-the-art band saw center and showroom. Groves has a large inventory of in-stock band saw machines along with providing saw blades and coolants for all your sawing applications.

With the only in-house sawing engineer in Houston, we can produce custom weld-to-length band saw blades and provide complimentary new saw installations.

Did you know there is a certain blend of coolants that is specifically designed for band sawing? In band sawing, high lubricity is key. With our DoALL soluble oils coolant, we can vastly improve your band saw blade life and production. We offer a full line of coolants from straight to soluble, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil. We also have lubricants for machine maintenance available.


Need band saw training? Look no further and learn from the teachers, not the students.

Groves Industrial offers two kinds of band saw certifications; a Groves Band Saw certification and a DoALL University certification. After completion of either of these courses, training certificates are provided to prove students have been taught how to operate, maintain and understand the workings of a band saw.

Groves Band Saw Certification

Backed by a team that gives the best information and training for the benefit of you, the customer. This one-on-one training gives customers the unique opportunity for maximum band saw performance and productivity. Training overview includes:

  • On-site training on YOUR equipment
  • One-on-one in-depth operations instruction
  • Operations on:
    • Band Saws
    • Saw Blades
    • Metalworking Fluids
DoALL University

The DoALL University training program is DoALL Sawing Products’ way of ensuring a higher level of competence, reliability, and support toward real sawing solutions for our customers. DoALL University provides free training, hands-on saw operation, and an in-depth, half-day enhanced education.

  • First Element of Sawing: Machine
  • Second Element of Sawing: Blade
  • Third Element of Sawing: Metal-working
  • Hands on Machine Training