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Process & Operations Improvement

Supply Chain Solutions

Process & Operations Improvement

At Groves we understand the challenges our customers face when it comes to cost-reduction. We are committed to providing our customers with the finest quality, value, and service.

With our process and operations improvement strategy you will have increased control, accountability and tracking that directly impact your cost reductions and productivity gains. We are here to help you identify and drive out waste and non-value add jobs within your business.

Reduce Consumption
  • 100% accountability on products issuance
  • Around-the-clock access to products, with no increase in inventory or labor
  • Reducing and eliminating access to product inventory
Reduce Inventory Carrying Cost
  • Dispensing excess customer owned inventory to accurate usage levels before purchasing new inventory
  • Basing inventory levels on actual product demand
  • Enforcing usage of regrinds and reconditioned tools, before allowing access to new tools
Productivity Improvement
  • Targeting the top 20 expense items for process optimization and unit price reduction
  • Coordinating process improvements with manufacturer’s technical representatives
  • Facilitating product rationalization and standardization
Control Product Access
  • Managing what products employees’ access
  • Dispensing correct package quantity eliminating waste
  • Improving process integrity, by insuring the correct tool for the job
Establish Limits
  • Setting product consumption limits by employee, shift, or job
  • Setting budget limits by employee, shift, or job