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Invoicing & Credit

Credit Applications

We offer a number of account options to our customers for managing their account. If you would like to apply for Net 30 terms, fill out our credit application and our Credit Department will evaluate your account for open terms.

Invoicing Options

Because everyone runs their business differently, we offer a variety of invoicing options to meet your individual needs. Simply choose the one that's right for you.

Consolidated Invoicing

We'll track and consolidate all your purchases into one invoice. You just tell us the day you want your billing cycle to start and your preference for a monthly, weekly, biweekly or daily invoice schedule. Receive only one invoice per order, even if your order is shipped from more than one location.

ERP Integration Invoicing

We can handle all your Groves ordering and invoicing via EDI, XML or flat-file purchasing. For set up and more information, please call 800-343-8923 or email us.

Groves Industrial accepts the following credit cards:

American Express®
We also accept ACH payments. Contact us for this information

Besides the website, you may order using any of the following methods:

Call us toll free: 1-800-343-8923
Visit one of our branch locations
Send us a fax: 713-675-6924
Send us an e-mail: