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Starrett® 196B6 196 Series Universal Back Plunger Dial Indicator, 0.2 in, 0 to 100 Dial Reading, 0.001 in, 1.45 in Dial



Item #STA 224.1ERLZ


ManufacturerL.S. Starrett

Mfr. Model #196B6

Ship Weight (lbs.)20


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AvailabilityIn-Stock With Limited Quantity

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Product Features

  • • One of the most versatile indicators available
    • Accurate and reliable
    • Simple to operate
    • Rugged, with few moving parts
    • Smooth in operation
    • For full use, the operator first chooses the proper contact from the three hardened contact points that come with each model
    • Then the contact should be brought against the work with enough pressure to give the hand one full turn
    • Set the hand at zero by rotating the dial with the knurled bezel
    • This provides one full rotation of the hand both to the right and left of zero, showing a rise or drop in the work and the amount of that variation
    • 1/4 in shank diameter
    • Jeweled bearings, adjustable bezel