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OSG HP243-4252 HY-PRO® CARB HP243 Performance Stub Length Drill, 10.8 mm Drill - Metric, 0.4252 in Drill - Decimal Inch, Carbide, WD1 Coated



Item #OSG HP243-4252



Mfr. Model #HP243-4252

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Product Features

  • • Short flute lengths and rigid
    • Negative radial rake stronger cutting edge to resist chipping
    • Refined honing on cutting edge provides more consistent performance from the first hole to the last hole
    • WD1 coating multiple layers provide superior-resistance to thermal cracking from heat, versus other mono-layered coatings
    • DIN larger shank provides more rigidity and minimizes the number of holders/collets needed to accommodate all sizes
    • Performance carbide drills for a variety of materials and applications