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Norton® Bear-Tex® Rapid Blend™ 66261016005 Quick-Change Non-Woven Unified Wheel, 3 in Dia, 1/4 in W Face, Fine Grade, Silicon Carbide Abrasive



Item #NOR 66261016005


ManufacturerNorton Saint Gobain

Mfr. Model #66261016005

Ship Weight (lbs.)1.5


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Product Features

  • • Silicon carbide grain for faster cutting and finer brighter scratch pattern
    • Abrasive is distributed throughout the entire disc (top, bottom and side) so all three faces can be used - versus competitive disc's one bottom layer of abrasive
    • Designed for surface generation where stock removal is not required
    • Fine grit final surface blending and finishing on aluminum, asphalt, concrete, woods, masonry, stone, tile and drywall