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Sqwincher® produces great tasting electrolyte beverages with unique formulations, packaging and dispensing options. Providing essential hydration for everyday lifestyles is what we do best, over 40 years and going strong. Just like hard-working machinery, bodies need fuel. And to ensure peak performance, your body needs fuel that works as hard as you do, with a taste that'll keep you revved up for more. Increase peak performance and stop heat stress and fatigue before it starts. Try Sqwincher today and see why we're called The Activitiy Drink. We are Hydration That Works®.

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Dehydration is a risk even in the dead of winter. In the dog days of summer, we get frequent reminders to hydrate often, but what about winter? The air we breathe in colder weather is drier, so our lungs have to work overtime to add humidity and warm it up. And the more the body works, the more hydration it needs.

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