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Master STAGES™ WHAMEXXT/54 Whamex XT™ Machine Tool Sump/System Cleaner, 54 gal Drum, Liquid, Straw Yellow, Slight



BrandMaster STAGES™

ManufacturerMaster Fluid Solutions

Mfr. Model #WHAMEXXT/54

Ship Weight (lbs.)459


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Product Features

  • • A very specialized formula that draws on Master Chemical's knowledge of coolant formulation and many years of hands-on experience in machine cleanouts
    • Quickly breaks down and lifts off insoluble scum deposits hidden in lines and difficult to reach areas - getting rid of these residues is one of the best ways to extend coolant life in your system
    • Very hard water tolerant allowing it to be effective in raw water or used coolant
    • Environmental approvals are simplified because Whamex XT™ contains no nitrites, phosphates, barium, phenols, or butyl cellusolve; this formula has very low V.O.C. content and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients
    • When used as directed below, this product is compatible with TRIM® brand synthetic, semisynthetic, and soluble oil coolants, as well as most competitive coolants
    • Will remove heavy soils from machines without affecting paints, coatings, seals, hoses, or skirting, and it wont leave a slippery residue
    • Short-term corrosion inhibitors prevent flash rusting of machine surfaces and ways
    • PREFERRED METHOD FOR CLEANING MACHINE TOOLS AND CENTRAL SYSTEMS: Add 1%-3% Whamex XT™ into the machine sump and run machine as normal for at least 24 hours or more for best results, if the machine runs high pressure through-the-tool for significant amount
    • After the Whamex XT™ has circulated for at least 24 hours, pump out the sump and remove all chips, sludge, residue and swarf. Remember to clean out overflow areas and flumes
    • Spray down the machine with a 10%-15% Whamex XT™ and water solution using
    • 10 at 2% Working Solution, 10.5 at 5% Working Solution pH range
    • >200 deg F flash point
    • 12 Months shelf life