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Irwin® Strait-Line® 64904 Standard Temporary Marking Chalk, White, 8 oz, Squeeze Bottle



Item #IRW 64904

BrandIrwin® Strait-Line®

ManufacturerStanley Black & Decker

Mfr. Model #64904

Ship Weight (lbs.)0.62


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Product Features

  • • The flip-top cap seals the chalk in an airtight chamber, keeping out moisture and reducing the risk of clumping
    • Irwin® Strait-Line® introduces its new Hi-flow nozzle cap for improved chalk flow on permanent staining chalks
    • The cap allows for quicker chalk fills and less clumping when using higher-density permanent staining chalks
    • Irwin® Strait-Line® marking chalks have an innovative flip-top cap that keeps the chalk in the bottle where you want it
    • Interior or exterior use
    • Marks are temporary
    • For use on a variety of surfaces including wood, drywall, concrete, stone and metal
    • Temporary colors, especially white and blue, provide high visibility and are easy-to remove
    • Proprietary formulations for dark, sharp lines and reliable performance
    • Provides great visibility and is easy-to remove
    • Calcium carbonate, silica-crystalline quartz compositions
    • 8.5 - 9.5 pH
    • Powder form
    • 2.7 - 2.71 Relative density