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Southwire® Surge Guard® 14880023-6 1-ph Type SJTW-A Heavy Duty Right Angle GFCI Plug Tri-Cord, 120 VAC, 15 A, 12 AWG Conductor, 3 Outlets



Item #CCS 14880023-6


ManufacturerSouthwire Company

Mfr. Model #14880023-6

Ship Weight (lbs.)7.2



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Product Features

  • • Heavy duty molded T-head with three receptacles
    • The gfci is an integral part of male plug
    • Provides protection for the extra heavy duty cord and three attached tools
    • 12 ga cord is ideal for outdoor rugged construction type environments
    • To prevent unmonitored equipment startup, manual reset is required after GFCI trip and power outage
    • Provides compliance with national electric code (NEC 2008) article 590.6 for temporary installations
    • 4 to 6 ma trip level
    • 4 Ohm typical grounded neutral
    • Less than 25 ms trip response time for ground fault and grounded neutral trip
    • 3 kV ringwave test and 4 kV/2 kA surge immunity test voltage surge withstand
    • Operates within normal limits with 0.5 volts injected on power line 150 kHz to 230 MHz radio frequency noise susceptibility
    • 3000 operations minimum endurance
    • Six times rated overload current
    • 5% maximum trip level variation effect of 10 A turn DC shock on ground fault trip
    • 1500 VRMS - 1 min insulation voltage
    Mechanical indicator
    • Manual reset
    • Heavy impact-resistant polymer material