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Carboline Company 02500300901D Green Solvent Based Inorganic Zinc CARBOZINC 11 BASE GREEN 1-G 300


Item #CAR 02500300901D

BrandCarboline Company

ManufacturerCarboline Company

Mfr. Model #02500300901D

Ship Weight (lbs.)8.8


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Product Features

  • • Carbozinc 11 meets Class B slip co-efficient and creep
    testing criteria for use on faying surfaces
    • Rapid cure. Dry to handle in 45 minutes at 60°F (16°C)
    and 50% relative humidity
    • Low temperature cure down to 0°F (-18°C)
    • High zinc loading
    • Meets FDA requirements in gray color
    • Very good resistance to salting
    • May be applied with standard airless or conventional
    spray equipment
    • Outstanding “best in class” shop application properties