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Dixon® GAM6 Global Air King™ Universal Hose End Coupling, 3/4 in, Steel, Plated, Domestic



Item #DIX GAM6


ManufacturerDixon Valve & Coupling

Mfr. Model #GAM6

Ship Weight (lbs.)0.3


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Product Features

  • • Use of supplied safety clip guarantees the fittings are properly connected because the safety pin will not go through the holes in mating fittings until couplings are locked in place
    • Air king meets pressure requirements as specified in A-A-59553 commercial item description superseding mil Spec.WWC-633D
    • Supplied with rubber washer, part no AWR4
    • Rubber seal
    • Never use any air king coupling for steam service!
    • The use of an air king safety clip or wire type retainer is necessary to ensure air king universal couplings will not become accidentally disconnected
    • To provide protection against coupling breakage and related hazards, Dixon recommends the use of a whip hose
    • Pressure rating given at ambient temperature 70 deg F
    • 150 psi at 70 deg f pressure
    • Warning: this product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm
    • Do not use in connection with drinking water
    • Wash hands after handling